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Excuses, excuses….oh yeah and a book review! November 23, 2009

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Soooo, after a week (technically more, but whatever) of sporadic internet, I am FINALLY posting something!  I have pictures ready for posting tomorrow, but the internet connected to the desktop (where the pictures are) isn’t working.  That’s right people we have not one but two(!) internet connections going to our apartment.  It’s a long story, but that would be a whole other post!

So, what am I going to post without pictures?  I finished reading a book yesterday.  Oh yeah.  I just got done reading a book that was classified as “porn” it is a sequel to another novel that was also “porn”.  Because of the previous book’s reputation, this book almost didn’t get published.  Thank goodness that it did!  I loved the book.  It is D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Women in Love.  I love this book.  The characters were well thought out and completely believable.  While reading it you get a sense that D.H. Lawrence really understood the woman’s pysche.  While a lot of the problems that faced the two main characters aren’t applicable in today’s world, a lot of their feelings are universal.  At times I think he was a bit confused about why we act the way we do, but he’s a guy so of course he feels that way.  I love how he examined the paper thin line between love and hate.  This is a seqel to the Rainbow, which is also another great book.  It picks up where it left off with the two Brangwen sisters and it follows them through falling in love, falling out of love, hating each other, and death.  It’s a beautiful book.  Seriously, go buy it right now!!

Right now I am reading 98 Reasons for Being by Claire Dudman, which so far is a great read.  I started it yesterday and I am already over half way through.  Anyways, hopefully a review on that book will follow.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is well and I hope to get at least one post up tomorrow.  Cross your fingers, as it is very difficult to get anything done when you have a toddler on your hands!


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