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Shockingly Unbusy Saturday July 11, 2010

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Yeah, today was actually really casual (like we have formal saturdays) and relaxed.  D and I went on a date and the Cakes stayed with my in-laws.  We went to see the new Twilight movie…yeah I know.  I just really like vampire movies!  It was…okay.  Definitely not as good as the previous two movies.  Yes, I have seen all of the Twilight movies.  It is sad, but true.  I am not one of those crazy people wearing the “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” t-shirts.  I wouldn’t even be able to pick a side.  Jacob is pretty hot (literally and figuratively); Edward is pretty…well, Edward.  Poor Devin, he only sat through the first movie with me and hadn’t seen the second one yet.  He was a little confused but tolerated it anyways.

I also braved the weight section of the gym tonight.  Pretty exciting.  It’s not that I don’t know how to lift weights, it’s that there are a lot of “meatheads” over on that side of the gym.  Seriously, there are guys who have bicep muscles as big as my head.  It’s disturbing.  There is one regular who has these giant, muscular arms and a giant beer belly.  Anyways, the amount of hitting that I get at the gym is a completely different blog post.  One I will get to soon 😛  It’s not even flattering anymore.

Anyways, have a great weekend!


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