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Weekly Weigh-in July 13, 2010

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I went to the gym tonight.  Not that much of an achievement, because I go pretty much every weekday.  So, be prepared for lots of gym updates in the future!  That’s all I really do lately!!  I got a personal best today.  For cardio, I mainly use the elliptical because i’s so much fun.  It mimics the motion of running, without the boob bounce-age.  So, less pain…and less creepy old guys staring.  Anyways!  I did the elliptical for 60 minutes with a 5 minute cooldown.  I went 4.5 miles and burned 504 calories (according to the machine…I will get a heart rate monitor soon!).  My previous “best” was 60 minutes with a 5 min cool down and 4.2 miles and 470 calories burned.  So that’s pretty exciting.

The best thing about tonight though was at about 45 minutes into the workout.  Now, keep in mind that I have asthma and have had asthma since I was like 8.  At about 45 minutes I took in a big breath and I could feel my breath all the way down into my lungs!  It scared me for a second and I thought, “Oh God, is this a heart attack?” but that I took a deep breath again and I realized, “No, I am just breathing….this is nice”.  I know for most people this isn’t a big deal, but seriously I haven’t felt that in YEARS!  I am sure I felt in high school PE class or something.  But, wow…I can breathe.  It’s gone now, but that temporary 100% use of my lungs was fabulous.

Also, Mondays are my official “weigh-in days”.  I am not too focused on my weight because I don’t want a flare up of my eating disorder that I had in middle school through high school.  So, I mostly use it as a guide that lets me know that I am doing things right.  I count calories and I aim for about 1700 a day.  Lately I have been slacking with writing everything down, though.  I did it today, I just need to get the nutritional information into my notebook.  In February I weighed 178 pounds (not my highest weight ever…I reached 180 when I was pregnant).  So, for the past month and a half I have been counting calories and I have been going to the gym since February.  (I wont go through this every week, trust me!)

Last week: 167.5

Today: 165 (my pre-pregnancy weight!)

So, that’s exciting news, but I am mostly excited about the whole breathing thing!


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