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My Two-Year Old Sees Dead People July 18, 2010

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So, we are visiting my parents this weekend.  We went swimming today and all of a sudden the Cakes started saying, “Mimi!”  Mimi was what my brother and I called my grandmother.  My grandmother who died years ago.  I tried talking to her and asking what she meant by “Mimi” and she pointed to the side of the pool.  She then waved at Mimi and said, “bye bye!”  Later in the day, she was still talking to Mimi.

This isn’t the first time the Cakes has talked to Mimi.  A couple days before we left, I walked in on the Cakes talking to a seeming invisible person.  I asked her who she was talking to and she pointed up to where a person’s head would be and she said, “I talking Mimi”


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