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My Two Year Old Sees Dead People (part 2)…. July 24, 2010

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….and apparently I can hear them!

I was getting ready for the gym tonight and I heard Devin go to the door and jiggle the door handle (I assumed he was checking to make sure it was locked).  I was about to say/yell, “Don’t lock it because I am going to the gym!”  But I didn’t, because I didn’t want to wake the Cakes.  Then, I heard him open our baby gate (the gate makes a loud, unmistakable clicking/banging noise when it is opened or closed).  So, I put my sports bra on and I went into the hallway to get last night’s workout top (gross, I know….I really need more of those!) when I saw movement in the bathroom.  Now, there is most definitely a ghost in our apartment, I have seen “him” a couple times (that’s a completely different post).  So, I quickly look up, thinking I would catch the ghost in action.  Nope…it was Devin.

Now, wait a minute…I just heard him go into the kitchen!  It was like 2 seconds later and there was no possible way for him to get to the bathroom so quickly!  I looked at him all mean like and our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Did you just go into the kitchen?!?

Devin: No

Me: Did you just lock the door?

Devin: No, I did that earlier

Me: So you have been in here the whole time?

Devin: Yeah, why?

Of course now I have decided that there is an intruder in the apartment, so I run out to the living room.  Then I ran back to the hallway, because I forgot I was topless.  I grabbed a towel and ran to the kitchen.  If there was an intruder, I have no clue what I would do.  But, no one was there.  The baby gate was shut, exactly how I left just a couple minutes prior.

Devin said he didn’t hear anything.  So, obviously I must be going crazy.  I explained what I had heard to Devin and then did the walk of shame back to the bedroom.  I sat on the bed, put my head in my hands, and contemplated a life in an insane asylum.  Devin came in and tried to comfort me but then I heard something again!  I heard the baby gate hitting against it’s frame! I tell Devin to shush and I say, “Did you hear that?”  Then we BOTH heard  crinkling in the kitchen!  “Devin!  There’s something in the kitchen!”  So we run in there and there is no one!  I guess when we went in the kitchen the first time, we opened the baby gate but didn’t shut it all the way and our fan was blowing against the gate.  Perhaps the crinkling was just trash settling.  But what about the jingling doorknob and the baby gate noise?



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