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Excuses, excuses….oh yeah and a book review! November 23, 2009

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Soooo, after a week (technically more, but whatever) of sporadic internet, I am FINALLY posting something!  I have pictures ready for posting tomorrow, but the internet connected to the desktop (where the pictures are) isn’t working.  That’s right people we have not one but two(!) internet connections going to our apartment.  It’s a long story, but that would be a whole other post!

So, what am I going to post without pictures?  I finished reading a book yesterday.  Oh yeah.  I just got done reading a book that was classified as “porn” it is a sequel to another novel that was also “porn”.  Because of the previous book’s reputation, this book almost didn’t get published.  Thank goodness that it did!  I loved the book.  It is D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Women in Love.  I love this book.  The characters were well thought out and completely believable.  While reading it you get a sense that D.H. Lawrence really understood the woman’s pysche.  While a lot of the problems that faced the two main characters aren’t applicable in today’s world, a lot of their feelings are universal.  At times I think he was a bit confused about why we act the way we do, but he’s a guy so of course he feels that way.  I love how he examined the paper thin line between love and hate.  This is a seqel to the Rainbow, which is also another great book.  It picks up where it left off with the two Brangwen sisters and it follows them through falling in love, falling out of love, hating each other, and death.  It’s a beautiful book.  Seriously, go buy it right now!!

Right now I am reading 98 Reasons for Being by Claire Dudman, which so far is a great read.  I started it yesterday and I am already over half way through.  Anyways, hopefully a review on that book will follow.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is well and I hope to get at least one post up tomorrow.  Cross your fingers, as it is very difficult to get anything done when you have a toddler on your hands!


I know, it’s been awhile November 13, 2009

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I know, I know.  It’s hard to do regular posts while taking care of a rambunctious toddler.  So, I don’t have very many clothes right now.  I have enough, I mean I don’t walk around naked.  However, somewhere along the line I fell into the trap of jeans and t-shirts, oh yeah and then Kayleigh came along!  I loveses her 😉  Anyways, since having the baby I sit around in pajama bottoms and t-shirts.  I have gone down to the *almost* bottom layer of fashion Hell.  Hey, I didn’t even dress like this when I was pregnant.  Well, in the last month or two I dressed in baggy t-shirts but that is really just because of the excruciating rash on my stomach (that is a whole other blog post).  Anyways, so now that Devin got a new job and I have the ability to buy some clothes (and as you will *hopefully* see soon make some clothes) I have no idea where to start.  So, I started where I feel most comfortable, SHOES!  I did buy a beautiful pair of boots a couple weeks ago.  They are drool-worthy, pictures to come soon.  So, I was looking around the internet and found some awesome fashion blogs.  However, one blog and one post in particular stood out to me.  It has important info for every woman out there, it’s directed to 20-somethings, but I think everyone should read it.  The advice ranges from safety issues to the all important perfect bra.  Check it out here!

I have a new friend in the house, I will try and take a picture of her before she tries to hide under out copious amount of clutter!


Auntie Ollie Giveaway! November 5, 2009

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A blog that I frequent is doing a giveaway for a $100 giftcard for Aunti Ollie. Auntie Ollie is a great children’s clothing line. Stop by the giveaway and check out Auntie Ollie


Happy Halloween! November 3, 2009

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Yeah,  I know I’m late.  It’s just been so busy over here.  So, let me start out with what we did Saturday.  Having a toddler and wanting to participate in Halloween can be a little…tricky.  She can’t actually eat the candy, she’s too shy to knock on stranger’s doors, and there is not much to chose from with Halloween costumes.  We decided to dress Kayleigh up in her costume and take her to Sears to get her picture taken.  So, we woke up early in the morning, got her all dressed, but we still needed to get hairgel and some tattoos so we went to Walgreens.  At Walgreens we had a problem with Devin’s card because of “suspicious activity” and it wouldn’t work.  Of course this “suspicious activity” was us buying some much needed…and let’s face it, some much wanted things at Babies ‘R Us.  Anyways, after we got done with that fiasco, we got to Sears and after a lot of hard work we ended up with only 9 or so poses.  We ordered the prints (I will post those once they come in) and went home.  After that we planned to spend a nice quiet evening at home with just the 3 of us.

A couple hours later, however, Devin’s friends started showing up.  So, our house was a wreck, we had no food in the fridge and 3 20 year-olds decided to make a mini halloween party in our small apartment.  It’s all good, though.  We ended up “trick-or-treating” at Grandma’s house and hung out there until Kayleigh passed out in my arms.

What?  I’m forgetting something??  No I’m pretty sure that’s all we did that day.  Ohhhh!  What did Kayleigh dress up as for Halloween?  Well, like I said the costumes available for toddlers is pretty limited and I have had this costume idea in my head for over a year now!  My baby dressed up as a Punk Rocker!!


Yeah, I know she was too cute!  We wanted to put her hair into a mohawk, but with the whole bank fiasco, we didn’t have time to do that before her pictures, so it just never got done.  If you guys want info on how I made it, here’s the link to the Craftster post that I made.  I entered it into the Halloween Costume contest, mostly to brag about how cute she is.  The costumes that people made were just crazy awesome!!

We went to the Alameda Antique show on the day after Halloween.  It’s basically a flea market, but everything there needs to be at least 20 years old.  It was awesome, we got some cool stuff.  I will post more on that later!


A Fresh New Beginning October 23, 2009

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Ahhhhhhh, a nice fresh, clean beginning!  I cleaned out my blog because it was a not such a good time in my life and I was only talking about not so happy things.  Soooooo, I am restarting the blog!  I’ve grown in the past year that I’ve taken off-I mostly grew in waist size.  Ok, seriously, I only gained 16 pounds when I was pregnant and I lost it all very quickly.  But no one warns you about the weight you put on in the first year or so of your baby’s life.  But it’s all good, I’m doing my yoga and pilates again and I feel better.

Another new development is my crafting.  I have seriously branched out of my “crafting comfort zone” and not all of my experiments have been bad.  Actually a lot of my experiments turned out pretty dang cool.  I’m actually in the works on 2 projects that are close to completion.  I will post pictures of those as soon as I get them finished.

I, unfortunately, had to take a semester off of school.  So, that’s going to be starting back up again January.  I kicked major butt in my last lab class that I took.  I think my photography instructor really liked my work (especially because I got 100% on my final project…not an easy feat, let me tell you).

Devin and I are in serious wedding planning mode (finally).  I got him to promise to save at least $500 a month and we’re planning for an October 2010 wedding.  I will keep you guys up on all those plans too.

My beautiful little girl is so big!  She’s walking, climbing, and even cussing.  She’s also showed quite an interest in Mommy’s crafts and is getting into it.  When Devin gets paid next, I’m going to buy her some markers, crayons, and some construction paper.

Well, that’s all for now!  Take in a nice deep breath of fresh air, because I feel change coming.  Finally things are starting to go our way!